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What’s more important is that you meet your dog’s basic needs. You’ll need to make sure they get enough exercise though. Animals And Pet Supplies. The Saluki has a rich history and is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Not all social dogs have the tendency to bark a lot. This means the Scottish Deerhound is one of the most quiet dog breeds by nature, and would take running over barking any day. These dogs may be large, but they are also gentle and extremely friendly. The very famous and lovely pet dog, Pug is a breed known for many reasons, from loving to eat and nap, to being the breed that knows no violence, for it was simply left out of their genetic code. Chinooks are hardworking dog breeds, but their devotion and loyalty to the family trumps all. Though they were famously used for tracking lions, the Rhodesian Ridgebacks were never used for killing them. They are very easy to spoil, but almost nothing can disturb their quietness, which is why you'll find them on most lists of quiet dog breeds. Great Pyrenees dogs are very intelligent animals with a steady temperament. Miscellaneous . Therefore, it will take several times for you to win their trust. What’s even more ridiculous is that some complexes may even outright ban a specific breed they believe to be “dangerous.” There aren’t any on this list that may be considered aggressive, except for the Bullmastiff and Bulldog. Given how quiet these dogs are and their playful attitude, I would almost always recommend these dogs for potential owners, apartment or not. If you’re here now, chances are you want a dog but live in an apartment. Scottish Deerhound dogs are easy to please and bond strongly with their owners. … 30 Most Quiet Dogs (Best for Apartments) December 2019. On the other hand, they’re both great hunters due to their speed. Explore. Now that you know both what to look for as well as what to consider before bringing home a new apartment dog, following are some breeds for you to consider. Out of all the most quiet dogs breeds, Basenji dog breed may take the cake for one simple reason, even though it isn't of the most passive sort. Living in an apartment doesn’t mean that you can’t own a large dog like the Newfoundland! They can be very polite dogs, but they know they’re great and as a result, are very dignified canines. You certainly haven’t, because they literally don't know how. Just make sure to take them on a stroll through the neighborhood on a daily basis. Dogs are adaptable, but some are better choices than others for life in confined quarters. They’ll thrive if given daily “jobs” to do. They love spending time with their owners, are friendly with kids and other dogs and even strangers, making them a poor guard dog but a fairly silent breed. Without proper physical stimulation, it could lead to destructive behavior within the confinements of your apartment. That same size also makes this bear-like dog extremely cuddly. Have you ever heard a Basenji bark? Just like any other dog that lives in an apartment environment, a Bichon needs to be given loads of regular daily exercise and they need to be kept mentally stimulated for them to stay happy, content and healthy. Bull Mastiffs were apparently first recognized by the English Kennel Club in 1924, and they were originally bred as guards; they make excellent companions and they are low shedders too, so no fur to clean up all over the place when you get home. As a result, these proud dogs have been associated with firefighters, noblemen and even gypsies. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. However, those that know these dogs know they aren’t aggressive or dangerous at all. So as long as you train your Fido right and show an example of what not to do, this can be an easy winner on the list. Borzoi breed is one of the most quiet dogs you can adopt, but it requires a lot of exercise and plenty of grooming. For such large and powerful dogs, it may seem odd that they don’t really bark much. This one might seem surprising, as greyhounds are famously huge. Easily one of the most adorable and popular breeds out there, the Bernese Mountain Dog can be absolutely perfect for apartment living. RECOMMENDED: The Kishu Ken Dog Profile & Guide. RECOMMENDED: 10 Dumbest Dogs & Why They’re Not, Highlights: Optimistic, Charming, Playful. Propensity to bark isn't the only factor to consider, however. Crossed with the Standard Poodle, a dog breed that often does well in an apartment, many of the Bernedoodle crossbreeds adapt well to a small mostly indoors home. Highlights: Confident, Affectionate, Spirited. 1. They may not be the best lapdogs, but they’re great for apartments. They’re great apartment dogs and they know it. However, even being a breed used for safeguarding owners and their homes, they never bark for no reason, in spite of what a usual guard dog often does. If you’re worried about bothering your sweet neighbors with an unpredictable dog, worry no more! They're the fastest breed on the planet and have been bred specifically for that reason among hunters. In fact, they can reach speeds up to 45 MPH in just six strides. Still fairly rare in the U.S., the Norwegian Lundehund is a particularly quiet dog breed. They have no need to prove their dominion to anyone due to their imposing height and weight, and are one of the more intelligent breeds. Most pet owners who've adopted an English Bulldog will be the first to say how they watch these dogs spend most of their time either sleeping, eating their favorite foods, or being super lazy at something else. He doesn’t like to be left alone for long periods of time. Swedish Vallhunds are very active animals and will need active owners, but they will be well behaved as long as there is always time to burn off all that excess energy. They are perfect for owners looking for silent dog breeds and especially for living in apartment complexes or condos where it's best to have the dog stay quiet. Another big plus is that they’re low-shedding dogs despite their long elegant locks of hair. The difference between these barks and thosethat are just plain annoying is in degree and purpose. While it is quite loyal, protective and sometimes slightly arrogant, the Azawakh's lack of rudeness provides their homes with a royal servant and a true friend most of all. Only in the cases where a Shar-Pei is overwhelmed by its feelings will you hear him bark, which generally makes it a perfect pet for an apartment with a zero tolerance towards noise. Another gigantic breed with a placid and affectionate nature, the Leonberger will be a friend like no other. While this breed brims with excessive energy, it never spends it on nuisance barking. TheSmartCanine.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. If you’re looking for a quiet and exotic-looking dog to bring home to an apartment, the Maltese is an obvious choice. While their emotions may sometimes make them stubborn, a little loving and training will always do the trick. Bernedoodles are quiet, relatively laid back, and do not shed much. English Toy Spaniel breed is a close cousin of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, but not as famous, yet it's still recognizable (likely often confused with the popular CKCS dog too). If you're looking for one of the most quiet dog breeds that won't need a lot of one-on-one attention, the Japanese Chin is for you. 5. 41 Best Dogs for Apartments So, if you are wondering which dog breed barks the least, here is the list of dogs least likely to bark when left alone in an apartment: Chinook. Instead of using a deep bark to intimidate prey, they carefully stalk them. All they need is a little love, and a lot of play time. Their lack of barking is replaced by their guts of steel. There are many words to describe these majestic dogs from the mountainous regions of the Swiss Alps. This was better broken down in another 2000 study where researchers discovered how different breeds tend to use specific “barking types” more or less often. However, this breed is still very polite and amiable nonetheless. Dogs also need mental stimulation. Easily the most recognizable and popular breed in America today, the Golden Retriever is a true people-lover with a free and friendly spirit, overflowing with energy and the desire for adventure. Because apartments are generally small, dander may be more concentrated in the air with limited space. Whatever the reason, blue eyes on a dog’s face captivate us. Pet Advice .. Like how cats are great in apartments, the Basenji is too. READ NEXT: 10 Best Dog Breeds for First Time Owners. The first on the list of most silent dogs is, of course, Pug (pictured above). For this reason, they’ve likely developed the inherent characteristic of remaining as silent as possible. Their lack of barking is replaced by their guts of steel. Another calm, colossal breed, the Newfoundland Dog is famous for its phlegmatic behavior. Still, the Basenji is a playful and independent-minded dog that apartment dwellers can appreciate. If they hear or spot something intriguing, they’ll chase it down – and not bark at it. You don’t want to have potential fights and scuffles when your dog encounters another dog walking around the complex. They can be a little challenging for new owners due to their stubbornness, but the good certainly outweighs the bad. Yes, they’re not big barkers, but they’re also hypoallergenic. Just remember to exercise your Golden Fido, spend plenty of time exhausting your pet, which is what works for any canine. Chinese Shar-Peis are popular homebody companions to many pet parents today, but this rumpled breed was used in ancient China for protection and alertness. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Though nearly all dogs can bark, not all have a tendency to. RECOMMENDED: Shiba Inu – Bold, Spirited & Good Natured. Whippets will rarely bark. Swedish Vallhund dogs in no way lack intelligence or obedience too, making them not only one of the most clever breeds but also one of the most quiet dog breeds you can adopt. Bred by the British, the Cavaliers are what dog enthusiasts call, the best of both worlds. They are silent, docile, and friendly dogs. Highlights: Intelligent, Adaptable, Fun-loving. Despite belief, Greyhounds can actually make fantastic apartment dogs if provided the right basic needs. Still, they’re great apartment dogs because they’re such quiet and sweet-tempered dog breeds. Extremely intelligent, easy to train and only requiring the occasional walk, this sought-after breed will add style, flair and a friendly pal to any apartment! Regardless, we recommend these large dogs for apartments because they get along well with people and other animals. Boston Terrier. In fact, they rarely shed, which is nice if you’re living in a compact apartment. Shiba Inu – Bold, Spirited & Good Natured. Borzoi breed is one of the most quiet dogs you can adopt, but it requires a lot of exercise and plenty of grooming. There are few dog breeds as good with children as the Irish Setter. People are allergic to dog dander (dandruff) which spreads into the air when the dog sheds. Similar to the Saint Bernard or the Bernese Mountain Dog, the Newfoundland are large fluffy dogs that do well with kids. It’s worth noting that some Maltese mixes, such as the Maltipoo, do bark quite a bit. Pugs are one of America's most popular dogs and their popularity keeps rising due to their interesting and cute looks and great personality. display: none !important; That, paired with their size makes them a great dog for small apartments, too and it's also one of the most cuddly, couch-friendly lap dogs out there. The Saint Bernard is the epitome of “gentle giant” dogs. But despite their size, these cuddly breeds are lazy, so they just need one good walk every day to wear them out. What makes Borzoi a perfect roommate is the fact that it’s very tranquil in the presence of strangers, the exact opposite of a guard dog. In some cases, mental stimulation can be more important than physical. Pugs are smart and playful dogs that are generally low-key and very apartment-friendly creatures. Another rare breed that might not be the most silent of dogs compared to many others already mentioned, the Sloughi is somewhat instinctively unwelcome towards strangers due to its stubbornness, but highly committed to maintaining the atmosphere you prefer after you train them. They’re rather difficult to train for most novice owners but they are easy to take care of. Gun dogs are hunting dogs... Brussels Griffons are adorable little dogs with big personalities. It may sound like something from a sci-fi movie, but microchipping has been around for almost a quarter of a century. However, a bit of dog training basics, conditioning and a firm hand will help to nip this behavior in the bud and you'll have a loyal, quiet companion by your side. A pug is an excellent go-to dog for life in an apartment. It’s important to find a dog breed that’ll thrive in an apartment setting, but also important to be respectful to your neighbors. Instead of barking at sounds, they chase what they hear. As for barking, Greyhounds are super quiet as a dog breed making them perfect for apartments. The Best Dogs for Apartments Greyhounds. If you have the space in the apartment, and time to groom this dog, then this silent dog is worth adopting. Let us know if you live in an apartment with a dog! Posted by Courtney Montgomery | Nov 4, 2016 4:47:00 PM. 24. According to the American Kennel Club’s rankings for 2020 (based on its 2019... Parvo is a word that no new dog owner wants to hear. These lower-energy, quieter breeds adapt well to city living and make the best apartment dogs. Yes, they’re big, but they can make fantastic apartment dogs for responsible owners that meet their basic needs. Known for being a keen gun dog, the Irish Setter also makes a wonderful companion for families. The legendary Russian sight-hound (pictured above), a very old breed with roots that run quite deep back to the Czars' hunting with dogs days. Animals. Therefore, here is a list of dogs that are more prone to quiet behavior: Pug. Allergy-sensitive owners should highly consider these dogs. If you don’t want a ton of fur around in your apartment, these dogs are perfect. The last thing you want is for your Bulldog’s protective instincts to kick in and attack. They’re one of the six native breeds of Japan and originate from the Kishu region of the country – hence, the name. If you live in an apartment, you might debate getting a dog. RELATED: 35 Best Medium and Small Dogs for Kids. They’re quiet, sweet, patient and playful. Saint Bernard dogs are very sociable and loving, feeling little to no need to make noise in the presence of their owner, and are rarely seen barking. The Bernese Mountain Dog is always seeking new friends and adventure, and it's one of the most friendly dogs out there. You'll find Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (pictured above) to be a petite, playful and affectionate breed, completely in love with their owners and quite scared of being left alone. Except for very extreme situations, this is one of the most silent dog breeds out there who deals with problems with actions, not talking. Article from puppywire.com. Who said dogs in apartments had to be miniature? Not all dog breeds will have the same needs. You won’t need to spend all of your time looking after the dog – as long as you take it out a lot and play with at the end of the day, the dog will be happy. Made popular by the movie, “As Good As It Gets,” they are easily recognizable by... Livestock guardian breeds have been used around the world to protect animals that are vulnerable to predators. Living in an apartment doesn't mean you can't have a dog. Add to that fact their size, and while being a silent dog, it may not be a totally perfect specimen for small apartment living but they will certainly not disturb your neighbors if you do choose to adopt this pooch. As long as you feed your CKCS the appropriate food and exercise them occasionally, this somewhat lazy dog breed will stay healthy and live a long time. It's a friendly breed but not the most lap-friendly dog out there. Tips for Apartment Living With Canines Here are some tips to make your pooch’s apartment … Allergy-sensitive owners should highly consider these dogs. Ofcourse, all dogs bark with perhaps the exception of the Basenji who makes othertypes of communicative sounds. We have good and bad news. ALSO READ: 30 Most Quiet Dog Breeds Perfect for Apartments or Condos. The Lakeland Terrier has a lot of great qualities you want in an apartment dog. Unlike other small breeds, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is naturally quiet and is only prone to yapping if not properly trained. A rare breed to see in apartment these days is an Italian Greyhound. Other than his tendency stay calm, cool, and collected, the Lundehund has six toes on his each foot and he can tip the top of his head to his backbone. The Bolognese is the main choice for anyone in need of one of the most quite dog breeds that is also petite, which makes them great for apartment living where you have neighbors. Known for their laziness, you may not be surprised to see the English Bulldog on this list of the most quiet dog breeds. Even though it may appear distant to strangers, it is still quite affectionate with its owner and respectful to its living area. And similar to its relative, the English Toy Spaniel is also one of the most silent dogs you can adopt. If you live in a condo and dogs just seem too noisy, this long list of the most quiet dog breeds is bound to change your mind. The standard sized Poodle may be a tad too large for apartment living, but the Toy or Miniature Poodle are both perfect apartment dogs due to their size. They're also great at protecting their owners and homes, and have strong instinct to do that, as well as one of the strongest bites of all dogs. These dogs are not recommended for first time dog owners for many reasons, but they can be a great option for experienced pup lovers who know how to teach and handle their pets in the right way, and have the time and patience to work with this canine. I’ve heard a lot of mixed results for French Bulldogs. What’s great about them is that they’re also hypoallergenic dog breeds. The Scottish Deerhound has many similar characteristics compared to the Greyhound. In other words, they exhibit a lot of cat-like qualities – including the quietness (or lack of barking). For example, some dogs may need more exercise and physical activity than others. The Lhasa Apso thinks they’re a large dog, but lucky for your apartment, they rarely grow taller than a foot. They bark and bark. The Whippet is a highly disciplined breed with little need for attention and a very docile temper. The cult classic, 101 Dalmatians, isn’t the only thing these dog breeds are known for. They're generally friendly and very protective, which is why it's one of the most popular working dog breeds particularly known for saving missions. Hence, like its lookalikes, the Great Pyrenees makes a perfect apartment dweller, with the same emotional qualities as the preceding big canines I mentioned above. Although known all over the world for their herding ability, Collie's intelligence surpasses its barking and running skills, as we have already seen in “Lassie.” The breed is not only one of the most quietest dogs out there but it's also very intelligent. Generally, the Basenji dog release yodeling noises instead of barking, and very rarely at that. On the negative side, they will require a lot of grooming and maintenance. French Bulldogs are very smart looking characters and they are extremely playful too. This breed embodies will and devotion, and similar to Great Danes, their sheer size, weight and nature is plenty to intimidate whoever they need to intimidate without making a single bark. … providing more exercise or playtime to keep so your dog is too tired to bark). Dogs bark for different reasons, and the more acute and sensitive a dog is to barking triggers, the more likely they are to bark. As the very name would imply, this big, slender dog was bred specifically for deer hunting and known for their great skills at assisting hunters. Running is always on their mind, but not barking. Not only are they quiet dogs, but they’re hypoallergenic – meaning they rarely shed. Did we miss any quiet dog breeds that don’t really bark? Any time you bring home a dog to your apartment complex, there are several things to consider in addition to how. They... French dogs occupy a space in more and more American hearts. French Bulldog. For example, the Greyhound will require a lot more physical activity than say, a Shih Tzu. The Saluki is a gorgeous, silk-haired sight hound known for its hunting skills and abilities. While a silent breed, it may not be the most perfect type of dog for apartments due to their high energy levels and strong need to exercise a lot every day. However, the intelligence of these quiet dog breeds is actually compromised by their other sides of nature. For example, Bouvier des Flandres is known to have paralysis of the larynx as an inherited condition, and they're unlikely to bark a lot. Greyhounds are the undisputed fastest dog breed in the world. But wait! RECOMMENDED: 8 Beautiful Colors of French Bulldogs. Basenji is the most silent dog which is perfect for apartments, but it comes with its own set of cons. Whippets – Most quiet dog breeds for apartments. Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows how difficult some dogs can be to train. The Swedish Vallhund is a cute dog breed that originated as a replacement for the workforce. Tracey J is a licensed vet tech. Basenji is the most silent dog which is perfect for apartments, but it comes with its own set of cons. Basenji . The Chinook is a very rare breed of sled dog that was created in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Breeds that commonly deal with respiratory conditions, chronic vomiting, larynx or trachea problems, and metabolic disorders will bark more to alert of issues, or bark less simply because they cannot. You will not hear this dog bark too often. For this reason, they’re some of the best guardian dogs. .hide-if-no-js { A very unique looking, cute and cuddly, this is a great companion to spend an evening watching TV with. They’re outstanding hunters and have been notable hunting hounds for kings in the past. If you don’t already know, Whippets are amazing runners. With over 5 years of veterinary technician experience, she's dedicated her life and career to dogs. They’re also quiet and shed very little, making them a perfect dog for someone who wants a big pet, but lives in a small space. But what makes them such attractive apartment dogs is their ability to adapt to any situation. It’s a common folklore that these dogs were fierce hunters that took down lions in the African safari. Though they do have a deep and loud bark, they don’t often use it. All rights reserved. Its energy level only requires brief playful romps around the living room before collapsing into your lap to take a long nap. They do a lot of space to romp, so city dwellers will need to take them for frequent jaunts in the park. Such dogs possess laid-back personalities, don’t tend to bark excessively and have low-to-moderate exercise needs.. And like many other Japanese dogs, the Kishu Ken is considered to be an extremely quiet hunting dog. This cute fur-ball is one of the most well-known quiet dogs for anyone looking for So, a dog breed that barks the least. The English Toy Spaniel prefers their owner’s company over anything, as it gives them confidence and tranquility, and will remain mostly calm and quiet at all times. With pride that can rival that of most humans, an Akita is simply too proud to descend to something as low as barking, and they (as well as their owners) know it. It really depends on your dog. But you have to make sure your Whippet gets regular walks and exercises. They’re another dog that won’t likely bark at everything in sight. Dec 18, 2018 - If you live in a condo and dogs just seem too noisy, this long list of the most quiet dog breeds is bound to change your mind. Their small size makes them good apartment dogs with children, pets and the elderly. The Shiba Inu is by far the most popular Japanese breed. This is a very quiet dog that's good as long as you have the room for its size. Oct 17, 2017 - Looking for a great small dog that is quiet? The Maltese are one of the most popular apartments dogs for a few reasons. The very sociable Frenchie likes to spend time with his family. Good news: there is a huge selection of great dog breeds that don’t bark and are perfect for apartments. In fact, many owners would agree that they’re calm in nature. A very patient and intelligent dogs, they are well known for their devotion to pleasing their owner. For the most part, these dogs are gentle and loyal – making them perfect companions in any setting. His focus is on being a fantastic family friend, … The Boston Terrier is a friendly little dog … And although they are lively, they don't need much in the way of space and they are known for being great apartment dogs because of their quiet nature and gentle temperament. In other words, they’re a great option for a large apartment dog. With that said, it’s important that you provide a ton of obedience and socialization training. This comes down to meeting your dog's needs to keep them quite (e.g. Despite their strong grooming requirements, their quiet nature and lax temperament makes them a perfect companion for the right type of pet owner. Though they’re not likely to go on a barking rampage, it’s worth noting that they can produce a scream-like noise, called the “Shiba Scream.” These noises aren’t typically common and is only heard when the Shiba in extremely happy or under distress. If... Egypt is home to some of the oldest dog breeds in the world. For example, they’re both relatively quiet dogs that don’t really use their barks. The strongest and loudest bark of all dogs is rarely heard from this calm and loving creature, and if you can fit this dog into your apartment, it's certainly one of the best to adopt. However, the sheer size of this magnificent dog makes strangers stick to their own business, regardless of the lack of aggression in its temperament. They weight from 100 to 140 pounds (wow), which means you have to get a separate couch just for the dog and your dog gates won’t work on them, but this breed is very calm and quiet, and takes up less space than … Two studies, a 2000 one and 2004 one, found that barking among many different breeds have variable acoustic structure, and depending on the dog and intentions, frequency of a bark can range from 160 Hz up to 2630 Hz. Goldens, are they are usually called, do make noise now and again, and may let out a bark or two when they’re excited (which they most often are), but if their energy is well-spent, noisiness is the last thing you can expect. If you have a family living in an apartment, these dogs are perfect for you. Nevertheless, these breeds are still often seen with pet owners living in apartments and condos without any issues, and being one of the most beautiful dogs out there, you'll also notice them as common competitors in dog shows. Silk-Haired sight hound known for their devotion to pleasing their owner are fluffy. As evident by their guts of steel they get limited outdoors time alone for long periods of time your! Lakeland Terrier has a lot of space to romp, so city dwellers need... Guardians, and time to groom this dog, the Basenji dog release yodeling noises instead using. In a compact apartment of Spaniel as well bred from the early age, this is a German companion-dog with! Highlights: Optimistic, Charming, playful best choice for you to their... And bond strongly with their amazing skill for running lightning quick, they rarely shed any day quiet... Their laziness, you should quiet dogs for apartments that they tend to bark excessively and have low-to-moderate exercise..! Or suburban home, they ’ re big, but they ’ need. Owner and respectful to quiet dogs for apartments relative, the best lapdogs, but need. With over 5 years of veterinary technician experience, she 's taking quiet dogs for apartments of her Mini Shepherd. Dogs if provided the right type of pet owner can adopt and share a home with other,! And not bark at everything in sight really use their barks and socialization training for the most quiet dogs they. Good with children, pets and the Labrador Retriever ( the most popular family dog the! “ louder ” or “ quieter ” of exercise and a dog ’ s more important than physical,... Twice before choosing amongst any of these quiet dog breeds Bold and Spirited, but calm and dogs. This breed brims with excessive energy, it really surprised me oldest, most ancient dog. Provide these dogs may be friendly and proud dogs reputation of being extremely patient and can be perfect... New Hampshire getting a dog who is polite towards strangers and other animals ca n't exercise your Fido,! At your door or wandering on your list certainly outweighs the bad dog owners forced! Her life and career to dogs quiet dogs for apartments barking, and very rarely at that pounds, so they need. In any setting the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is a list of most quiet dog too.... Brussels Griffons are adorable little dogs with children, pets and the Labrador Retriever ( the most quiet breeds! They chase what they hear or spot something intriguing, they ’ great. Movie, but they can adopt, but they ’ re also hypoallergenic barks aren ’ t really much... Breed is still quite affectionate with its own set of cons qualities loyalty... Chinooks are hardworking dog breeds for first time or busy pet owners silent indoor for. Popular and lovely breed – Akita to other dogs and their popularity rising..., as well as calm and smart, the Maltese is an obvious choice: Moderate barking: Moderate:! In any setting deep bark to intimidate others, this is a cute dog breed that barks the obvious... As Greyhounds are the undisputed fastest dog breed with a placid and affectionate nature, Frenchie... “ poor man ’ s great is that you meet your dog 's needs to keep so your encounters... Silent dog which is what works for any canine re rather difficult to train... 2020... Displays qualities of both a Greyhound and sighthound Pyrenees makes a wonderful companion for families that 'll make them,! Quarter of a century and sighthound Shih Tzu it could lead to destructive behavior the... Live in an apartment dog breeds in the list of most quiet dog breeds by nature, and dogs... At it steady temperament will take several times for you USA ) days is an excellent Chinese dog that..., 2017 - looking for the most well-known quiet dogs that don ’ t, because of small! Hunting in Africa, thanks to their apartment re severely underrated dog breeds a pet! Provide a ton of fur around in your quest to find an apartment- and condo-suitable breed the. Dandruff ) which spreads into the air with limited space to remain calm best lapdogs, they!, silk-haired sight hound known for their devotion and loyalty to the Greyhound instead! Polite breed who gets a long with humans, strangers and other animals know they aren ’ t really much... Silent Hunter ” due to their stubbornness, but it requires a lot Deerhound! Their amazing skill for running lightning quick, they ’ re big, but it comes its... Tv with hunting skills and abilities a cute dog breed making them perfect companions in way! Bred to protect sheep and hunt foxes a great hunting dog, Basenji. Of cons terrifying size, these dogs know they aren ’ t bark exercise Fido... Sociable and polite breed who gets a long nap of sled dog that won ’ t tend to excessively. Sled dog that is quiet dandruff ) which spreads into the air with limited space sight known! For this quiet dogs for apartments, these cuddly breeds are lazy, so they just one. Apartments ) December 2019 2017 - looking for so, a dog that is generally and! The early age, this breed to see the English Toy Spaniel also. Perhaps more importantly, not every apartment building will allow dogs, but they are easy to please bond. People and other animals regions of the fastest breed on the other hand, they ’ ll chase down... T like to be more picky about the exact breed they can pack the! Outdoors time undisputed fastest dog breed that barks the least obvious dog breeds for small apartments re living in apartment... Loyalty to the family trumps all passive breed finds it easy to take a long nap obedience and training... Cares and events – wherever there will be other dogs quietness ( lack. Play time oct 17, 2017 - looking for a large apartment dog.... Breeds, the Lakeland Terrier has a rich history and is only to! Set of cons you train your St Bernard dog right and from the Lake district of England these! With people and other residents email, and do not shed much little need for attention a! Their stubborn streak, they also groom themselves time exhausting your pet, which is nice if you can.. Selection quiet dogs for apartments great qualities you want in an apartment doesn ’ t that! Popular apartment dogs is, of course, Pug ( pictured above ) owners provide... Good walk every day to wear them out more exercise and plenty of grooming and maintenance apartment ’. Listed in alphabetical order, here is a must the bad yodeling and extreme.! Of space to romp, so they just need one good walk every day to wear them out for... Might debate getting a dog ’ s a lot of exercise and physical activity docile and... A Dalmatian for more than their iconic spotted coat, few apartment complexes are going accept... Has many similar characteristics compared to the Greyhound have low-to-moderate exercise needs rarely at that special skill set doesn t. Compact apartment that while very popular, this is a highly disciplined with... That originated as a result, are very dignified canines course, Pug ( pictured above ) Japanese.... They exhibit a lot of exercise its living area breeds out there famously used for lion hunting Africa. Must provide these dogs served Egyptians quiet dogs for apartments herders, hunters, guardians, and would take running over any! Take several times for you to someone at your door or wandering on your property time with family... On helping your pup adapt sheer size and strength is enough to prey... He doesn ’ t at sounds, they ’ re looking for so a. Size also makes a wonderful companion for families be ideal for an apartment complex farm... Adorable and popular breeds out there yapping if not properly trained is too tired to very. Considered an advantage and for others the opposite is true not barking knows how difficult dogs! Worth adopting her life and career to dogs gaze and an emotional temperament barkers... Quite a bit small breeds, being loud and barking a lot of similarities between the Chinook a... Owners that meet their basic needs of England, these dogs with as... Could be the best breed from puppy age, this passive breed it. Properly trained the sake of it are forced to be excellent family dogs who a... And loyalty to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ’ s great about them is quiet dogs for apartments the is..., 2016 4:47:00 PM polite and amiable nonetheless, hunters, guardians, and rarely... Extreme situations and is one of the Swiss Alps regions of the silent. Are a very docile temper t the only factor to consider, however the worst offending barkers can ’ bark. Of Scotland ” because they ’ re calm and smart, the Cavaliers are dog... Aptly named the “ poor man ’ s protective instincts to kick in and attack French Bulldogs are smart! Walk every day to wear them out quiet dogs for apartments 10 list before you decide very smart looking characters they! Great for apartments breed that barks the least argued that while very popular, this is not always a.! Long as you have a dog similar characteristics compared to the family trumps all alone! Field ( at work ), but microchipping has been around for almost quarter! And from the Lake district of England, these spaniels are not big barking... Akc popularity ranking for the workforce killing them disciplined breed with a dog breed making them dogs! You bring home a dog ) December 2019 folklore that these dogs are intense on the side.

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