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I have a variety of colors and sizes I use depending on the water clarity and the mood the fish. Check out my post on some of those variations of the best texas rigging set ups for crushing bass. Let's talk about my TOP 5 favorite soft plastics for a weighted Texas Rig! Top 10 Soft Baits for Bass in 2020. 6-keys: sports/wired2fish//// Weather, Water Temp, Water Clarity, Depth,Type of Cover, and the seasons. Wind … “Soft plastics are huge, more so than jigs. Other soft plastics . The Carolina rig absolutely makes the cut as one of the best soft plastic rigs for bass fishing. Almost every soft plastic bait can be fished on a Texas rig. Their unique designs, scent and colors offer anglers an advantage at a very affordable price. Everything I write and offer are things I wished I knew earlier in my fishing career. This time of year is when lakes are at their peak for bass fishing, especially for beginners and casual anglers because bass are scattered everywhere and actively feeding.. While many anglers experiment with bizarre shapes and inventive colors when the bite gets tough, Swindle quotes a popular viral video when he says, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Embracing simplicity has paid big dividends for Swindle. Another thing about the Carolina rig is it fishes faster than a lot of other soft plastic presentations. Dark colors create a more noticeable silhouette that the bass detect easily, therefore increasing your chances of getting bites. You can absolutely catch bass on other colors, but this will get you started and put you on the right track for making more informed purchasing and rigging decisions in various situations. A lot of soft plastics can do the trick, but some are very clearly better than others. #2 Soft-Plastic Striper Lure: MagSwimZ A deadly, super-sized swimbait, the 8-inch MagSwimZ has an elongated body and a paddletail that provide a lifelike swimming action with plenty of wiggle. The popularity and innovation stem in large part from the versatility of soft plastics. Here is a brief description of each rig, and the best times to employ them. Early summer water temperatures will hover around the high 60’s to mid 70’s. Those are the things that keep me motivated and going to help you in your quest to start “Kraken” bass. Fish with lures in shades of green and brown for the best results. Soft Plastic Baits: The Soft Swimbait and Jerkbait If the bass are not hitting worms, a swimbait or soft jerkbait are great choices especially during a shad kill or during a panfish spawn. Plus, included are some professional video’s you can purchase of each set up. The wacky rig is typically used with soft plastic worms such as a Senko, Jackall Flick Shake, or Zoom Trick Worm. This will help you catch more bass. Damn this lure freaks me out with how well it works. Junebug is another dark color that excels in stained and muddy water. A second type of bait to use for summer bass is a crankbait. These four soft plastic rigs for bass fishing will always work, and by mastering them you will be better at “Kraken” those bass. Originally designed to be a soft plastic jerkbait, similar to a fluke – The Senko Gary created offered more of a soft wobble, especially when rigged weightless. As you become more comfortable with your soft plastic presentations, you'll find yourself experimenting with different color combinations. Best Soft Plastic Colors for Summer Bass Fishing – Greg Hackney by Randy | Posted on August 20, 2019 September 10, 2019 Greg Hackney Summer Bass Fishing Tips: Knowing how to use these softplastic set ups is key for catching bass with this chart. Two Categories Of Soft Plastics First, let’s break down soft-plastic baits into two general categories. Click here for Black & White Chart for printing. ", this video is for YOU!! Bass Fishing From Shore – What You Need to Not Snag and Catch Bass! The drop shot is an essential set up for fishing clear deep water. The opaqueness of darker colored soft plastics allows the bass to better see the lure in low-visibility situations. This post will help you not make a lot of the mistakes I used to make, and get you catching more fish on these all around bass catching soft plastic rigs. Megabass Xlayer and Spindle Worm. It was an endless cycle that left my boat cluttered, my wallet skinny and my mind in knots.To help you avoid this common problem, we've put together a simple guide for choosing colors for bass fishing soft plastics based on the conditions. The Carolina rig is an often over looked soft plastic set up that can really smash the bass. Early summer bass fishing is slightly different than fishing in the actual heart of summer, so it’s important to touch on this a bit. While there are occasions when either a squarebill crankbait or a rattling lipless crankbait will produce a summertime bass, many deep impoundments shine in the warm months as anglers throw deep diving crankbaits towards underwater drains, steep ledges, rising humps, and submerged boulders that can all hold schools of bass. So, when you think about it soft … (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); It seems as if every fishery has that "special" regional color the bass can't seem to resist, and you'll only crack the code by constant trial and error. Some things just go together. The real secret to catching big bass is to know how to match the color of your lure to the conditions of the water. Earth tones are the most effective colors. // ]]> These are the best soft plastic rigs for bass fishing which have been proven to consistently catch fish. “One of my favorite times to use a soft plastic worm is when bass go deep during the summer and hold on offshore ledges and main lake river channels,” says FLW pro Brent Ehrler. This post will help you not make a lot of the mistakes I used to make, and get you catching more fish on these all around bass catching soft plastic rigs. Check out my post on wacky rigging for variations of this solid bass catching set up. Few soft-plastic lures work as well as a ribbon-tail worm does behind a Carolina Rig in the summer. Snag the bait selection chart and get my 4 softplastic rigging & fishing tutorials for a third of the cost. In this season of change, as the bass change, and the leaves hint of change, try changing your late summer, early fall tactics to include shallow soft plastics. These are the Best Soft Plastic Lures for Bass Fishing Sunny—Watermelon-colored soft plastics are very effective when fishing clear water, high sky conditions. Season. Two particular fishing situations call for special color … Snag a copy to print out and keep in your boat or tackle bag when times get tough. The best way to choose the color of the worm is to consider the type of water. It's important to understand that "clear" is a very relative term in bass fishing. If you've ever picked up a soft plastic lure as a bass angler and wondered, "How do I put a hook in this properly? With endless choices at your fingertips, it's easy to get carried away. May 21, 2014 - Zoom pro Gerald Swindle keeps his soft plastic selection very simple when targeting summer bass. The wacky rig has become a staple of mine for catching finicky bass. At home I throw a jig most of the time, but when you come here you have to lay down the jig and worry about what kind of soft plastic you are going to use.” When fishing for clear water bass, it's important to use natural and often translucent colors. Soft plastics are similar to spinnerbaits in regard to depth capacity but they are quite prone to snagging on submerged timber and are best rigged weedless on a worm hook when fished amongst the timber. Some argue that the supple materials also give soft plastics a better mouth-feel than hard lures. The Texas rig is universally used all the time for soft plastics to help you fish through, around, and over cover bass love to lay in to ambush their forage. The wacky rig enables your soft plastic worms to wriggle freely in the water as you let them fall or twitch them along. It’s swimming action make it a great bait when bass are feeding on mackerel. (Photo: Soft plastics are perhaps the most popular way to fool big bass. 10 Best Bass Soft Plastics - December 2020 Results are Based on. If the water has somewhat of a brown hue to it, often evident after recent precipitation, darker soft plastic colors catch a lot of great bass. These four rigs when used correctly catch bass. The Carolina rig really shines when the bass are holding tight to the bottom. One of the Best Soft Plastic Rigs for Bass Fishing is the Drop Shot Rig shown here. If there is one arena where the Texas-rigged worm is still a go-to lure, it's on offshore structure. Here are four of the best soft plastic rigs for bass fishing which will always catch bass. You can purchase them individually or save a little money buying the full video package of each tutorial. Depending on what you discover you should pick a heavier weight to fish deeper, and either a craw or bait fish imitation according to what is in your body of water. These soft plastic lures area a good alternative for the plastic worm if you are targeting bigger bass. Mastering these set ups will make you a better angler and get you “Kraken” more bass. This guide, however, hopefully makes a great starting point, grows your confidence and spurs additional, more complex color modifications down the road. Throw something unique on a shaky head to give the bass a different look to get more bites. Thank you for reading my blog and sharing it with your friends. Plastic worms like the Gambler Ribbontail, Strike King Anaconda or Berkley Power Worm. There are a million different variations of this classic set up. You can Texas-rig creature baits for flipping and pitching into shallow cover or for crawling through brush piles and along rocky bottoms to imitate crawfish. Typically, a drop shot shines when the bass are deep and finicky. As spring approaches, they become especially effective when bass head to shallow water. Depending upon geographic location, some anglers consider 30 feet of visibility clear while others believe eight feet of visibility is clear. If you think the water is clear, trust your judgment. best texas rigging set ups for crushing bass, How to Catch Lots of Bass This Winter With These Simple Tips, 3 Good Ways To Catch Bass At Lake Powell in Fall. The bass is accustomed to the bait according to the season of the year. [CDATA[ Savage Gear Gravity Stick Pulsetail. Purchase. originalDevice: deviceType:desktop. What if I only bought green-pumpkin-colored lizards when the bass really wanted green pumpkin with blue flake? It can be hard to choose colors for bass fishing soft plastics. I’ve caught more bass on soft plastics than anything else out there. Hopefully, you will find these tutorial video’s beneficial if you have additional questions about setting up and fishing thees soft plastic rigs. It especially works well in the clear deep waters of the high desert mountains where I live. Best Soft Plastics for Bass Soft plastics are inexpensive and great for catching bass. section: | slug: choosing-soft-plastic-colors-for-bass | route: article_single | Remember—it's just bass fishing, so try not to overcomplicate it. You know your favorite fishing holes better than anyone, so again, trust your judgment and remain open to experimentation.In dirty water situations, it's important to use soft plastic baits that will contrast well with the surrounding environment. Four of the Best Soft Plastic Rigs for Bass Fishing You can always make adjustments as the day goes on. Here’s the bait selection chart to help you know what type of bait you should throw in every type of situation, This Chart will help you select the right lures and baits for every situation to catch largemouth and smallmouth bass. Plastic worms make up a large part of this category, and they are one of the most effective bass lures. Sink and Draw Cast out and allow the lure to fall to the bottom. Usually, this rig works best with small finesse soft plastic baits such as a Jackall Crosstail Shad, Yamamoto Shad Shape Worm, or a Roboworm. How You Can Know The Perfect Lure Color Without Wasting Your Precious Fishing Time Experimenting. Salted soft plastics are best for smallmouth bass early in the year. One of the best soft plastic rigs for bass fishing is a drop shot rig. Best Plastic Stick: Yamamoto Senko Bait at Amazon "Considered by many to be the best bass lure of all." The bass can’t help but smash it! There are so many different ways to rig soft plastics for bass fishing. The first ‘stick bait’ was the Senko designed by Gary Yamamoto which was inspired by a Bic Pen. Updated July 09, 2018 Soft plastic lures are a popular choice for catching many species of fish, but they are most commonly used for bass and panfish, such as crappies and bluegills. Mastering these four different rigs will help you in every situation you are faced with throughout the entire year. I have had a lot of great success with this color especially in the summer months and it can also be effective in clear water as well. Roger When you feel the lure hit bottom, leave it there for a ten second pause and then just lift the rod so the lure leaves the bottom. These bass are known to spook at the sight of something unnatural, so beginning with some variation of green is an excellent starting point. We’ve compiled the best soft baits for bass fishing, including soft plastic worms, craws, swimbaits, jerk shads, and more.These soft baits are sure to help you make a great catch. Soft plastics flat out catch bass, but if they are not rigged up properly you can definitely turn the bass away from your baits. In the post-spawn, many bass feed on small bluegills, and sunfish-colored lures are effective. This chart helps you take into account 6 factors that can contribute to picking the right bait. Great baits for Carolina Rigging are Creature Baits, Flukes, and craw imitations. It means a lot to me to hear your comments, and see the pictures of the bass you catch. The drop shot enables you to keep your bait on the spawning bed while you dance the bait around. This rig will get your bait down deep quickly, and keeps the bait down in their face. //

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